To our valued customers:

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the governor of Ohio has enacted a Directive instructing all Ohioans to stay at home. In other states, this has been called “shelter in place.” This Directive will result in newave's Innovation Center being shut down until April 6th.  We are permitted to maintain “Basic Business Operations” such as to ship products to fulfill orders from our Columbus, Ohio facility but our lead times on shipping will be extended by a week or more.  Please contact us in advance to confirm product availability and to discuss any large orders that you anticipate.  Providing as much lead-time as possible will be critical for large orders as some may require shipment from Asia.  We will advise you as soon as our office reopens or if this date changes. Here are details you should know:

Our employees will be working remotely. Should you have questions on products, shipment lead times, pricing or technical issues, please contact Don Taylor at +1-954-415-3406 or via email at

These are very difficult times for all of us and a situation that no one has faced in contemporary history.  We want to encourage you to follow the guidelines on the CDC site and your state’s health department site and do everything that you can to help mitigate the unbelievable challenge that we are all facing.

We wish continuing good health to you and your personal as well as business family. Please stay safe and know that together we will get through this as we always have.

Barry Burnside

COO newave sensorSolutions, LLC

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We Are Proud to Introduce the Wave Antenna

Only the wave antenna radiates five beams to read tags in any orientation

The tag read range can easily be adjusted by the power level at the reader, minimizing reading unwanted tags

The result: consistent 99+% item-level tag read rates


The only truly plug & play portal available.

The world's leading portal with nearly 10,000 installed!

The simplest & most efficient installation possible, no adjustments before or after installation

"If you can push it, we can track it."

Precise real-time on-shelf inventory and item-tags are not required.

Let us show you how we can prevent retail out of stocks.

Contact Us Today!

Call Us at ~ (888) NSS-RFID (677-7343)

Email Us at ~

Our Address:

newave Innovation Center

9011 Heritage Drive, Plain City (Columbus), Ohio 43064 USA


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