Newave Covid-19 Update

The impact from Covid 19 remains significant and new variants clearly indicate that we all need to be vigilant and follow CDC Guidelines. If you have the opportunity to be vaccinated, we encourage you do so for your safety as well as all of those you come in contact with. We must look out for ourselves as well as each other.

The impact of the pandemic on our business has been significant. While demand for our products remains robust, lead times and costs have increased significantly, e.g. up to 16-20 weeks with production and transportation costs increasing substantially. We are in the process of re-building our inventory which will take another two to three months, so it is very important that you communicate upcoming needs and order sufficient quantity to help address this lead time issue which we do not see subsiding in the near to mid-term. We are also being charged tariffs on antennas imported to the United States and have found it necessary to add a tariff surcharge. If and when the tariffs are relaxed we will remove that surcharge.

Should you have any questions please contact Don Taylor at

Home of the Patented wave®antenna

Only the wave antenna radiates five beams to read tags in any orientation

The tag read range can easily be adjusted by the power level at the reader, minimizing reading unwanted tags

The result: consistent 99% item-level tag read rates

Seeking Reseller Partners

We are seeking RFID integrators and resellers focused on retail for our patented smartShelf.

smartShelf Reduced OOS by over 70%

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