smartInventory Management System (SIMS)™

Newave smartInventory Management System (SIMS)™

This patented, “No Tags Required” solution is ideal to control the inventory of high volume, low cost but essential supplies for a very wide variety of industries. SmartInventory Management System (SIMS) utilizes inventory bins that contain primary and secondary or safety stock compartments. When the primary inventory is consumed the bin is simply turned around to access the safety stock. As this is done the system automatically places a restock order, no other human intervention is required. SIMS provides the same accuracy, versatility and efficiency of the NeWave Smart Shelf and other NeWave solutions.

Key Features and Benefits of the newave SIMS

Accuracy and Performance

  • SIMS is a 99+% accurate and “No Tags Required” solution virtually eliminating tag cost, associated tagging labor and complexity, minimizing on-going maintenance.
  • No Human intervention is required minimizing or eliminating errors.
  • SIMS also provides an accurate audit trail for financial and regulatory purposes.

Unmatched Versatility

  • SIMS has a modular design, is easy to install, is readily scalable and is simple to retro fit.
  • Real-time automatic monitoring and notification of inventory availability with any smart device: the in-stock situation is monitored continuously and replenished automatically. Invoicing for replenishment can occur instantaneously.
  • SIMS inventory can be remotely monitored in real-time via any authorized smart device.
  • Highly detailed historical inventory movement data is readily available which improves forecasting accuracy to optimize inventory planning.
  • Tagging of cartons and pallets of items adds to the ability to track not only on shelf, non tagged items, but also in transit inventory, receiving, and shipping inventory.

Optimal Efficiency

  • Lowers overall inventory requirements, reduces waste, eliminates out of stocks and high cost rush orders
  • Modular design, easy to install, readily scalable, and is easy to retrofit
  • Highly detailed historical product movement data is readily available for forensic analysis providing insight into product use not previously possible leading to further productivity.
  • Enables highly trained staff to focus on their primary responsibility of optimum patient contact resulting in better healthcare outcomes and greater patient satisfaction
  • Excellent return on investment (ROI)