These articles are designed to provide a better understanding about RFID from the RF experts at The Ohio State University's renowned ElectroScience Laboratory (ESL); these articles are organized from basic to more advanced topics.

Optimizing Tag Selection & Deployment

Learn why it is equally important to choose the proper tag for the application and to mount it on the item in a way that facilities reading.

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distributed radiation

The Wave® Antenna Solution

Why the wave® antenna is ideally suited for zone coverage with a minimum number of antennas. Wave makes use of distributed radiation rather than beam radiation like a patch antenna.

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Overcoming Fading with Antenna Diversity

There are many possibilities for antenna placement, but this basic concept of exploiting diversity will greatly improve tag reading performance.

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A Typical UHF RFID System

Gain and EIRP

Before getting into the fine art of antenna deployment, understand why it is first necessary to understand the basic principles of how antennas work and how the electromagnetic field radiated by an antenna fills and penetrates a given space.

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Volumetric Gain Pattern

A New Paradigm for Item-Level RFID Antennas

Learn how the newave wave® antenna is uniquely designed for item-level RFID providing the most reliable high-diversity, high-density coverage of a finite and controllable volume around the antenna.

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Smart Shelf™ & The Internet of Things

How does newave’s smartShelf, an RFID item-level system, not require item tagging and yet it is proven to prevent retail Out of Stocks?

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