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The RFID Antenna and its deployment is the single most important consideration of any item-level RFID system. It is the only thing the system developer really has control over.

Robert J. Burkholder, PhD EE
Research Professor
The Ohio State University

We find the Newave Antenna to be a truly long overdue break-through in RFID antenna technology.

Rene Martinez, Phd
Chief Technologist for Intermec Technologies

We have been a believer in the superior newave antenna performance for over 6 years and specifically designed our portals to take advantage of the wave® antenna. SLS has installed nearly 25,000 of these portals and we continue to expand. We are excited to partner with newave as we market our SLS designed portals.

Jeff Hudson
Smart Label Solutions

‘The POC results were clear: by gathering the critical data (space, time, velocity,…), this smartShelf™ technology has enabled the SKU rationalization and planogram optimization needed to improve sales and in-store productivity. A big WIN-WIN-WIN solution; for the manufacturer, the retailer and the shopper.’

Eric Morency
Senior Analyst and POC Project Leader
Strategy, Planning & Insights

Newave RFID provides a portfolio of products that captures exceptional unparalleled smart technology solutions with a great support team to assist on any projects or opportunities that could benefit from this technology product offering.

Ty Boland
Strategic Enterprise Account Manmager
Sato America

The newave technology allows us to provide more cost effective and technical advanced solutions to our clients.

Advanced Research Company

By accurately knowing at any time what the clinic has in stock and having the ability to collect this data we can overtime effectively reduce the amounts of regular shipments, emergency shipments to a facility.

Marty Tenenbaum
Vice-President Business Development
Trimedic Supply Network

We trust the Wave antennas in some our most important customer installations based on their outstanding performance for these specialty applications.

Tracy Gay

The big advantage of a smart shelf is the production of usable data, fast data and summary data. The summary data is sent to company headquarters. Fast data alerts personnel that stock may be short on some items.

Michelle Tinsley
director of Mobility Payment and Security
Intel; NACS Magazine, Sept. 2016

SmartLinen is proud to be partnering with newave as your Wave antenna brings greater accountability to our application. When reading multiple linen assets wet and dry we find the radar technology from newave to be unparalleled. We look forward to a long relationship for years to come.

William Serbin