newave smartShelf™

Newave sensorSolutions has made a major technology advancement with the use of our patented wave® antenna, which provides retailers the ability to continuously monitor merchandise availability at the shelf level in real time with any smart device. Thus, smartShelf can prevent Out of Stocks (OOS) without needing to tag each individual item.

How do we do it without item tagging?

When an item leaves the shelf, our patented “smartShelf” sees it even when it is not tagged. SmartShelf places the tags on the product pusher, the spring of the pusher blocks the tag until an item is removed and the tag is exposed to be read with 99+% read rate accuracy. There is no need to tag items, so you get all the benefits of an RFID solution, without the added labor, item tag and maintenance costs.

Dramatic reductions in Out of Stock (OOS)

Based on criteria set for low inventory limits, smartShelf signals an immediate alert to appropriate personnel that they need to restock specific items in a timely way before they are OOS. In real-world in-store tests, on shelf product availability improved by nearly 70%.

newave 1.png

smartShelf works for Theft Prevention too

Loss prevention personnel can receive an immediate alarm message when an unusual (as defined by the end-user) number of items are taken off the shelf simultaneously signaling a theft is taking place. This can be easily backed-up by a video capturing the action at the shelf. SmartShelf in real-world tests reduced theft of a popular energy drink from 30% to 3% in just three days. The alarm is done in such a way that the normal customer is not bothered. For example, the alarm could be a PA announcement that “ customer assistance needed at (smartShelf location).

smartShelf makes it much simpler to have real time shelf inventory available at anytime to any authorized person or group via any smart device.

Key Features and Benefits of the newave smartShelf

Accuracy and Timely

  • 99.9% read rates provides a high degree of confidence in data accuracy
  • 10 second alert reliability to any authorized smart device
  • Instant visibility to OOS, organized retail crime and/or shoplifting activity


  • Can be retrofitted and installed within hours to be operational and can be easily powered up
  • Best to target the most vulnerable product categories
  • Readily scalable


  • No recurring label tag costs or costs to tag
  • Less cost than EAS source tagging
  • No worry about RFID privacy issues
  • Attractive Return on Investment (ROI), in real world tests in months not years

smartShelf provides Real Time Visibility to your shelf Inventory via any smart device as well as the capability to prevent OOS!

  • Real time information on Out of Stocks, Low Inventory Conditions, Shelf Movement, and Replenishment needs
  • Detailed information on shelf sales by season, week, day, and time of day
  • Confirms Planogram compliance and effectiveness
  • Real time inventory analytics are easily customizable and can be available in timely reports (see the smartShelf presentation for actual report samples). Report examples are: OOS Occurrences; Item Restocking; Low Inventory (replenishment required); Shelf Movement Detail by Item; and much more