newave® smartShelf

Is a “no item tags required” RFID solution to monitor shelf inventory in real-time

The Problem:

“Out-of-stocks” (OOS) accounted for $634.1 billion in lost retail sales 2018 — 39 percent higher than in 2012.”

“Overstocks contributed $471.9 billion in lost revenues, up 30 percent from three years prior”.

81% of adults have tried to purchase a product that was out-of-stock.

54% of shoppers blamed the retailer.

ces innovation award 2016

The Solution:

With smartShelf™ newave sensorSolutions has made a major technology advancement with the use of our patented wave® antenna, which provides retailers the ability to continuously monitor merchandise availability at the shelf level in real time with any authorized smart device.

Computing at the Edge:

smartShelf incorporates a product design that uniquely has an embedded small board computer. The reader collects, processes, compresses and sends the resulting summary data to a highly secure server minimizing network activity. Data is then sent the end user in the format(s) requested and at the frequency desired avoiding using the “cloud” and its inherent risks.


SM reader

The smartReader is installed unseen beneath the shelf

How do we do it without item tagging?

When an item leaves the shelf, our patented smartShelf sees it even when it is not tagged. Smart Shelf places the tags on the product pusher, the spring of the pusher blocks the tag until an item is removed and the tag is exposed to be read by with 99+% read rate accuracy. Since there is no need to tag items, end-users get all the benefits of an RFID solution, without the added labor, item tag and maintenance costs.

SmartShelf is proven to:

  • Reduce OOS by nearly 60% within the first months of installation
  • Reduce OOS duration by over 70%
  • Provide planogram compliance and effectiveness
  • Provide ROIs between 7 and 10 months depending upon the category
  • Keep data highly secure, by computing “on the edge” with the nobel smartReader
  • See the real-world proof of concept (POC) results: SS POC Results

change in out-of-stock-occurences

Key Features and Benefits of the newave smartShelf:


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  • 99+% real-time on-shelf inventory accuracy
  • Real-time visibility to low stock conditions to prevent OOS
  • Alerts in seconds to authorized smart devices to replenish stock and deter theft


  • Can be retrofitted, installed within hours and fully operational
  • Can be adapted to a variety of shelf systems
  • Numerous firewalls fully secure the data that is gathered and processed at the edge


  • Dramatically improves inventory availability
  • Can assess planogram compliance and effectiveness to optimize inventory
  • No recurring item label tag cost or labor cost to tag
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in real world tests in months
  • Select an OpEx or SaaS procurement model

smartShelf Provides Real Time Visibility to Shelf Inventory to prevent OOS!

  • Real time information on Out of Stocks, Low Inventory Conditions, Shelf Movement, and Replenishment needs
  • Detailed information on shelf sales by season, week, day, and time of day
  • Confirms Planogram compliance and effectiveness to optimize inventory level
  • Provides real time business analytics:
    • Easily customizable and timely reports
    • Examples: OOS Occurrences; sales by item by time, item restocking effectiveness, low inventory alerts to replenish prior to an OOS
    • Planogram compliance and efficacy
    • ROI at any level e.g. region, district, defined area or by store