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The "First and Only" Item Level RFID Antenna

Our patented Wave Antenna is the "First and Only" antenna that was specifically designed for item level RFID. As a result of the Wave's unique design, it delivers a consistently superior 99%+ accuracy in the majority of existing solutions while enabling the creation of many new solutions not previously possible.


For Many Solutions, Tags are Read with 99% Accuracy Because:

Only the Wave antenna is designed to cover all polarizations in the targeted zone, generating five beams with multiple polarizations to uniformly illuminate the optimal zone along the entire length of the antenna. This unique capability enables the Wave, unlike a one main beam patch antenna, to read tags regardless of tag orientation.

How can newave help?

Newave has conclusively proven that selecting the proper antenna is every bit as critical for an RFID solution as selecting the right tag or the right reader. The creation of our Wave antenna has filled a badly needed technology void. The Wave antenna is the first and only antenna specifically designed for a wide variety of highly accurate, tagless, item-level RFID solutions (Read more about it here). As a result, Newave has been able to create effective solutions for every point in the supply chain, all of which can be operated independently or integrated in one seamless system for highly accurate and very efficient inventory tracking and control.

See what our partner’s have said, like Rene Martinez, PhD, Chief technologist for Intermec Technologies, Honeywell:

We find the Newave Antenna to be a truly long overdue breakthrough in RFID antenna technology.

The Versatility of The Wave Antenna is Unique in RFID

No Item Tags Required Solutions

  • smartshelf
    Newave smartShelf is a no tags required solution for real-time, increased visibility and availability of on-shelf inventory for improved sales, lower out of stocks, theft protection and increased productivity for field representatives.
  • bins
    Newave Smart Inventory Management System (SIMS) is a no tags required RFID solution for remotely managing inventories of small, high volume, critical but difficult to tag items.

Plug and Play Portals

smartPortal dual8
smartPortal dual8

Our unique Wave® antenna technology enables our partner SLS to offer a variety of plug-and-play Portals for any choke point, dock door, entry, and exit. Very simple installation, no adjustments are required, locations that can be precisely controlled to not read extraneous tags even when in close proximity, such as an adjoining dock door.

In Transit Asset Visibility (ITAV): readily compatible with GPS and Bluetooth

Compatible with Any Gen 2 RFID Reader

Newave Solutions are compatible with any Gen 2 RFID reader: easily installed, and in most cases can be retrofit into existing infrastructures with minimal to no follow-on maintenance.

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