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What Others Say About Us...

“We have been a believer in the superior NeWave antenna performance for over 3 years and specifically designed our portals to take advantage of the Wave┬« antenna. SLS has installed 4,000 of these portals and we continue to expand. We are excited to have NeWave market our SLS designed portal.”

Jeff Hudson
Smart Label Solutions

“We trust the Wave antennas in some of our most important customer installations based on their outstanding performance for these specialty applications.”

Tracy Gay
Vice-President - Marketing

“We find the Wave antenna and related solutions to be an exciting new development in the RFID world and allows Academia to address application challenges that were previously not feasible with the current RFID antenna technology”.

Anthony Palermo
Founder and Director
Academia RFID Centre of Excellence

“We find the NeWave Wave Antenna to be a truly long overdue breakthrough in RFID antenna technology.”

Rene Martinez, PhD
Chief Technologist for Intermec Technologies

"Linentracker is proud to be partnering with NeWave as your Wave antenna brings greater accountability to our application. When reading multiple linen assets wet and dry we find the radar technology from NeWave to be unparalleled. We look forward to a long relationship for years to come."

William Serbin
Executive Vice President
Linen Tracking Technology

"NeWave Sensor Solutions has overcome one of the biggest hurdles to enterprise adoption of item-level RFID tracking by eliminating the requirement to tag individual items. NeWave has taken the standard deployment model and stood it on its head to achieve a much more cost-effective approach."

Shawn Sicard
CEO and Founder

“As sensor-based data collection technology continues to evolve, Entigral’s TraxWare© software and knowledge addresses more customer demands, the RFID readers and portables have improved greatly, and RFID media offers more variety, but the laws of physics have stayed the same! NeWave has allowed us to challenge those laws (of physics) and provide better solutions to our customers!”

L. Allen Bennett
Founder and Director
Entigral Systems, Inc.