specifically designed for superior performance.

RFID Antenna and Solution Design Expertise

NeWave develops unique RFID technology that meets all industry standards.   Our solutions are based on the patented Wave antenna that sets a new standard for accuracy, versatility and efficiency resulting in a superior item-level RFID performance for the widest variety of solutions. The Wave is the first and only antenna specifically designed for item-level RFID solutions and is the Platform for all NeWave solutions.

NeWave Smart Shelf

* 2016 CES® Honoree

Our “no-tags required” Smart Shelf solution provides retailers and vendors the ability to continuously and remotely monitor merchandise availability in real-time at the shelf level. We make it easy to get real time data on your current on shelf stock levels and make it visible anywhere to authorized users from any mobile device.

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Smart Inventory Management System (SIMS)

This “no-tags required” RFID solution is ideal to accurately control the inventory of smaller, critical, but difficult to tag items for a very wide variety of industries. Using our advanced Wave antenna technology, SIMS is simple to install and it enables remote management and control of inventory so staff is free to optimize their productivity.

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Plug and Play Portals
Nearly 4,000 portals installed!

NeWave Portals provide a new level of performance, ease of use, simplicity of installation and aesthetics. Our plug and play portals can be attractive yet rugged and require no adjustment at or after installation. Plug the portal into your reader on site and you are ready to go!

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